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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Human Relations

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Human Relations: Most Important Aspects

1. Be courteous to everyone.
2. A pleasant smile accomplishes wonders.
3. Acknowledge all introductions cordially.
4. Extend a hearty handshake, never a flabby one.
5. Memorize the names of everyone you meet.
6. Look people in the eye while conversing.
7. Talk with calm assurance; do not raise your voice.
8. Shun idle gossip; never meddle in personal affairs.
9. Be a good listener; respect others’ viewpoints.
10. Avoid argument; keep control even if provoked.
11. When you are in the wrong, admit it promptly and frankly.
12. Be open minded, tolerant and considerate.
13. Cooperate readily and cheerfully.
14. Be a booster. Praise generously; criticize tactfully.
15. Say “thank you” expressively, not just politely.
16. Be sympathetic but never complain or seek sympathy.
17. Always be punctual. Keep no one waiting.
18. Make your work respected by keeping all promises.
19. Be fair and square, loyal and sincere.
20. Take pride in your work and appearance.
21. Do your best today and everyday.
22. Radiate friendliness, enthusiasm and goodwill.


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