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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Relationship: Most Important Aspects

Many Types of Relationships

Starting, maintaining and improving relationship are the most important aspects of life.

There are lots of relationships like husband and wife, boy and girl about to marry, parents and children, between siblings etc.

Here, at this point of time, we are going to consider the relationship

  • between husband and wife
  • between a boy and a girl deciding to marry

Let us look at the most important factors that are conducive to maintain and strengthen these relationships.

Most Important Aspects in These Relationships

  • The husband-wife (already married or having decided to marry) is the most beautiful relationship. Nurture it carefully. Do not permit any one else (who so ever he or she or they may be) to create a crevice (rift) in it
  • Mutual respect
  • Mutual trust
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate with each other on whole lots of things
  • Respectful communication (do not confuse it by being submissive). Never ever use foul, un-civil language or four letter words while communicating and addressing each other.
  • Maintain equal status relationship. Do not exert one-upmanship (or one-upwomanship) on the other. It's not competition; it's pure companionship all the way
  • Mutual consideration and caring: demonstrate by communicating and in actions
  • Support and care for each other in trying (difficult) times (sickness, loss of job or any other such happenings) more particularly
  • Genuineness
  • Finding qualities in each other and not faults (and not keep correcting the faults in the other) and frequently, demonstratively, appreciating or admiring those qualities
  • Love and affection: also, demonstrate frequently by hugging, kissing and holding each others' hands for no reason, every now and then
  • Friendship and so, open friendly communication on whole lot of matters under the sun
  • Giving each other some private space
  • Don't keep nagging the other; it can get on other's nerves
  • Mutually satisfying physical relationship: this is very very important. It requires full participation from both the partners. It needs to be learnt and practiced and then needs to be re-invented (This is strictly applicable only to already married couples. It is strictly "No" for yet to marry couples)

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