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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Counseling on Drinking

Drinking Is Nothing Great
  • Taking alcoholic beverage or hard drinks or liquor is not a necessity.
  • Drinking is not compulsory. No one can force you to drink.
  • It is not a social etiquette that you must drink in private or business parties. If you do not drink, it does not mean that you are socially unfit. A non-drinker is absolutely OK in any party.
  • In parties when offered a drink and you do not wish to take the drinks, simply say,"No, thanks". You do not have to give reasons or be apologetic about it.
  • Do not fall prey to peer pressures and take to drinks.
  • It is definitely not an "in" thing to drink. So, do not drink just to keep up with Joneses.
  • Do not be sure that you have control over the drinks and so, it is OK to be a social drinker.
  • Do not be under impression that your social drinking will not turn you into a habitual drinker and finally, into an alcohol addict (drunkard).
  • Addiction to alcohol starts with social drinking.
  • Large number of people who turned into alcohol addicts have ruined their and their families horribly.
  • Habitual drinking may destroy relationships and drain one out financially.
  • Taking alcohol beyond a limit and regularly will endanger any one's health. It can badly damage the liver.
  • One makes a mockery of himself in parties and gatherings after taking drinks which he can not hold.
  • Once drunk, a person may blurt out what he should not, It may harm him and the person or organization about whom he did the loose talks under the influence of hard drinks.
  • No one should ever drink up to a point where he loses his sanity. Alcoholic drinks are notorious to rob one off one's sanity and civil behavior.
  • As soon as a person who does take drinks occasionally starts the craving for drinks, it is the signal that he should stop it for ever then onwards. Else, the habit may go beyond control.
  • The worst signal is when a person gets a craving and starts taking drinks even when alone with himself and without any society to accompany him in drinking.
  • It is a wrong notion and that too an absurd one that one has to drink if in armed forces or in business circles, for one to be successful. A large number of successful people in armed forces and business have been teetotalers.
  • Drowning one's sorrows is not possible by drowning oneself in drinks. It only turns one into a drunkard ultimately.
  • Contrary to the general thinking and experience that alcoholic beverages are mood lifters, they are in fact depressants.
  • In all there are more disadvantages in taking to drinking than advantages.
  • So, it is not so great to drink.

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